Everyone likes to keep eyebrows neat and in check in a nice shape. While there are many different types of hair removal methods out there threading rests apart from all the other techniques for its precision. Using a string to thread out hair any and all unwanted stray hair around eyebrows and lips can give brow a spotless and defined shape that will change the face look. Eyebrow threading not only removes hair from eyebrow or face, but it also adds to the natural beauty of face. The threading stylist can remove hair row by row in an accurate manner so that eyebrows turn out in the best shape that they can.


Tweezing upper lip hair is not only painful, but also inconvenient! Fortunately, upper lip threading solves this problem by gently removing multiple hairs at once. Our salon has experts in this technique and can remove unwanted upper lip hairs gently, safely and quickly. Threading doesn’t stretch, pull, tug on, or peel off a layer of skin, which prevents early wrinkles! The specialized threading techniques by using facial cotton thread are the perfect way to remove unwanted hair from the upper lip part of your skin and leave the skin feeling soft and silky. This gentle technique doesn’t tug on which prevents premature wrinkles!


Our threading service is designed to smooth and remove unwanted hairs from your skin. The full face threading removes all unwanted hairs from your face. It gives a perfect appearance to your eyebrows and makes your skin glowy. And it also allows for a more defined and precise facial look. Update your look with full face threading at our salon. We have expert who perform quick, gentle and as painless as possible threading to remove unwanted facial hairs from your skin and give your eyebrows beautifully defined shape. Full face threading is one of the most requested services at the salon.

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